Quickstart Guide to Choosing Plantation Shutters for Your Home

An Investment in Your Home

Having trouble choosing Plantation Shutters for your home? There are an overwhelming amount of options! These include composite shutters, wood shutters, custom shutter colors, sizes and configurations. Shutters provide style, privacy, durability and light control. Shutters are furniture for your windows! They are the only window treatment that actually increases the value of your home, sometimes as much as 10%.


Consider budget, personal style and the look and layout of your windows, you’ll need to choose a panel and style that complements your window shape and depth.  Shutters are more customizable than you would imagine and can be fitted to any shaped window, even circular or triangular spaces.



Composite or Natural Wood

Composite Shutters let you experience the essence of real wood in rooms that require a durable or cost-effective solution. Engineered to withstand high humidity, composite shutters are ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other high-humidity rooms.

Wood has unsurpassed elegance and natural beauty hardwood shutters are a premium window treatment. Hand-crafted in a range of custom styles, they are an investment in quality that will add warmth and value to your home.

Many Configurations

Standard Panel

Rectangular-shaped panel covering the entire window and can be installed using any frame style.


This classic style covers the bottom part of the window, allowing light to enter above while maintaining privacy.

Wooden Shutters


Double-Hung Shutters

Top and bottom panels hang in the same window but operate separately, allowing the top to be opened for daylight while the bottom is closed for privacy

Bypass Track System

Ideal for patio or closet doors, panels slide on a double track that can be attached to a frame or mounted directly to a window casing


They have hinges in the middle that allow them to be folded up and placed on either side of the door or window.

Plantation Shutters

Specialty Shapes

Shutters can be mounted to French doors with curved or rectangular cutout options to accommodate door knobs or handles.

Sunburst Arches

Sunburst patterned louvers cover unique window silhouettes such as eyebrow, elongated, and elliptical arches

Arch or Angle Top Panels


Whole window solutions that perfectly fit the rounded shape of full arch windows or angles of slanted windows


Motorization is even an option with shutters. Control the tilt of the louvers with your i-phone or i-pad for one room or the entire house.  Great for hard to reach or high windows.