Roller Shade

Roller and Solar Shades Offer Clean, Crisp Lines for a Modern Look

Window treatments are the finishing touches to each and every room. If your style is modern, you are looking for an uncluttered space with clean lines and lack of adornments. Solar and roller shades are functional, practical and offer the clean, crisp lines needed to achieve a modern look.

Solar Shades

Solar shades for a sleek look!

Sunglasses for your windows

Solar Shades and Roller Shades come in many different fabrics and colors, including anything from neutral palettes to patterns and natural textures.  These shades look the same and operate in similar ways, but Solar Shades operate like “sunglasses for your windows.” In other words, they block UV glare and heat, but maintain the view.  If your home backs up to a golf course, sits in the woods, overlooks the beach or looks out upon a nature preserve, consider installing solar shades. These shades are simple, classic and will not contrast the views beyond.

Save energy without sacrificing style

Solar shades have many benefits including the ability to reduce energy costs by reducing heat gain in a room. Shades come in several “opacities.” Opacity is the openness of the fabric.  1% is the tightest fabric weave and offers the most protection against sun and UV rays. 10% is the most open fabric and still provides some protection against heat and glare.

The best choice for your home depends on your needs and your space.  If your home is surrounded by trees and natural shade, consider a more open fabric, like a 5% or 10% fabric.  It will maximize the view and let in some sunlight, while still blocking glare. If your space has direct sunlight with less natural shade near the windows, consider a 1% to 3% opacity in a fabric.   This opacity will protect furnishings from fading and reduce energy costs by reducing heat gain in the room.

Upgrade your solar shades to roller shades for added privacy.

If you are looking for more privacy, roller shades are the answer.   They range from light filtering to room darkening and offer more privacy. They come in many decorative colors, patterns and textures.

roller shades

Room darkening roller shades. Great for a bedroom!

Many control options are available, manual and not. The most common manual option is a cord loop where you control the shade with a side mounted loop cord. This option provides a clean appearance. Cordless and motorized shades are also great options. Motorized shades operate with a remote control, wall switch or can integrate with smart home technologies, such as Alexa.



There are unique applications that can be used with both types of shades, including sliding panels for wide windows or sliding glass doors which give maximum coverage with many fabrics and colors to choose from. Dual shades are also available by combing a solar shade fabric with a roller shade fabric into one shade for the best light control and privacy options. Exterior shades can be used in outdoor spaces like patios, screened-in porches and pool areas where there is a need to reduce glare.

exterior patio shades

Exterior patio shades. Great for blocking glare!